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About Fulwood Sports Club

FSC is a collection of clubs within a club, collectively run, organised and administered by its members

About Fulwood Sports Club

So what exactly is Fulwood Sports Club

Fulwood Sports Club (FSC) is a members club, which means in simple terms that it is run by its members. Each ‘section’ of FSC is a club in it’s own right but collectively they form FSC. Each club/section has it’s own committee and FSC has an elected board made up from equal representation of each of the club/sections. This group of people run the club on a purely voluntary basis. Each club/section and FSC have AGM’s where committee and board members are elected so that over time the running of the club is shared amongst its members.

This ‘self governing’ process has served the club well for over a century and we encourage any of our members, new or existing, who can spare some of their time and wish to help to get involved with their club/section committees.

New members can elect to join any or all of club/sections or join FSC purely as a social member. For further information about joining Fulwood Sports see our contact page. Or like us on Facebook to see what’s happening right now.